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got hit today on the way back from lunch

I was driving back from lunch today when someone tried to make a left turn from the center lane, while I was passing them in the left lane.

No, I wasn't twitterring at the time.

Called 911, and Officer L E Hankins came from the RPD and was extremely friendly, patient, and helpful. The other driver didn't have a great command of the English language, but she got enough info from him to determine what happened before she came over and talked to me.

The police report should be ready within a couple days. I called Geico, they referred me to the other dude's insurance since he was at fault. Called them, and should hear from an adjuster in a day or two.

The best part? The other driver's passenger had some outstanding warrants, so he got a ride away from the scene in the back of Officer Hankins' cruiser.

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