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if you've read Cory Doctorow's Eastern Standard Tribe, you might remember "trepan" using /shitlist in his IRC client. Or you might not. And if you haven't read it, go read it.

Anyway, /ignore is nice, but it gets confusing sometimes because you have to piece together the holes in the conversation. /shitlist solves that. Example (from EST):

Trepan: /shitlist Gink-Go
##Gink-Go added to Trepan's shitlist.
Use '/unshit Gink-Go' to see messages again
Gink-Go: <shitlisted/>

Inspired by nivex6's beginning work on it, I finished up a set of specially-crafted aliases for irssi that use the plugin to implement shitlist like so:

11:59 -!- annoyingbastard [n=user@host] has joined #frijole-test
12:00 < annoyingbastard> im so annoying
12:00 < annoyingbastard> blah blah blah
12:00 < annoyingbastard> !list
12:00 < annoyingbastard> wtf no warez?
12:00 [notice(#frijole-test)] annoyingbastard added to frijole's shitlist
12:00 < annoyingbastard> [shitlisted]
12:00 < annoyingbastard> [shitlisted]
12:00 -!- annoyingbastard [n=user@host] has left #frijole-test ["fucker..."]

here's the instructions.

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